Clean Water For Life - Uganda

~ Sustainable Water Treatment Plants to Save Lives ~

SMVA Trust provides water filters and assesses future water projects in western Uganda.

Access to clean, potable water – a basic human right.
Bringing life-saving water to villages in Uganda - Field Assessment Tour - September 25, 2017

​SMVA Trust is delighted to serve the rural communities in western Uganda to bring affordable safe drinking water to their homes.

Sawyer water filters were distributed to 18 families in Kajwenge and Kinyankonka villages along with Kamugoble Primary School.

Uganda Water For Life Project
SMVA - Uganda Water For Life

Local people were trained on how to use the filters and clean them to maintain their longevity. These filters do not require electricity and thus are efficient in remote regions where such amenities are unavailable. An estimated 630 people will benefit from these water filters.

Sustainable Water Projects

​A detailed needs assessment for long-term sustainable water projects were done for villages in Kajwenge and Nyabirongo Parishes in Kisinga Sub-county of Kasese District in western Uganda as well as sem-iarid regions of Uganda.

The Kisinga Sub-county lies in the Valley of Rwenzori Mountains. There are abundant fresh water sources available in the form of rivers and streams flowing from the mountains. The primary challenge is to make this water accessible to the people. While there are several systems in place to capture this water, there have been pros and cons with all of them. A water harvesting system from the Rwenzori Mountains with a combination of gravity and solar or hydroelectric power will provide water to all the villages in Kisingi Sub-county, Kasese District in western Uganda. This will benefit an estimated 10,000 people.

  • Assessment for long-term sustainable water projects
  • Water harvesting system
  Kanyampara SDA and Kaiwenga   Primary Schools

​A similar water harvesting system is being considered for Kanyampara SDA and Kaiwenga Primary Schools.

Clean Water Actions

In the semi-arid regions bore wells can provide affordable water source to villages up to 10 km range. Solar powered motors with overhead tanks with the bore wells will benefit the people in these villages. The choice of the villages will be provided by the Ugandan government.


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