Clean Water For Life

~ Sustainable Water Treatment Plants to Save Lives ~

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

Pure water is a basic and vital need. However, for many people around the world, this fundamental requirement of life is not available. Millions of villagers in the remote regions of Andhra Pradesh, India are forced to fetch water from wells without safe or convenient access. Some drink stagnant water from pools where animals bathe and buffaloes wallow.

Impure water for drinking, bathing and cooking has been used for generations in rural Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Clean and pure water is not available in many parts of rural Andhra Pradesh. The water is highly contaminated and toxic with excessive amounts of fluoride.

Villagers in the remote regions of Andhra Pradesh, India are forced to fetch water from wells without safe or convenient access.This has caused many bone defects as well as neurological damage, severely impacting their quality of life. 

Water Purification Plants

SMVA TRUST has witnessed people from local villages suffering from the various effects of fluoride poisoning due to contaminated water where  fluoride levels are 25 X higher and very unsafe for human consumption. As a result, the villagers, including young children, are suffering from Fluorosis- causing severe health ailments.

The Trust  has been tirelessly working to install and maintain water treatment plants to provide access to potable water in these communities of South India. Local communities have been participating enthusiastically in building these water treatment plants. Presently 34 water treatment plants are installed, and over 100,000 people enjoy clean drinking water. New water plants were opened in 2016. 

The importance of clean water to the thousands, who for the first time in generations have clean water cannot be emphasized enough. This particularly helps women and children, who make up 80% of the people that collect or fetch water in these regions. Many wells were deep and unsafe, with steps dug into the sides of the wall:  lives were lost in fetching water. Then people were forced to continue drinking the contaminated water.

Today, each Water Treatment Plant provides clean water to more than 2000 families in the villages in Andhra Pradesh.These Water Treatment plants use ultraviolet light to sanitize the water and reverse osmosis to remove fluoride. Hundreds of gallons of  clear water is produced daily, with each Water Treatment Plant being maintained by trained local villagers, empowering them to sustain a reservoir of Pure, Clean Water for the thousands of underprivileged villagers in their own community.


Clean Water Actions

Many of the villages are still desperately waiting for Clean Sustainable Water Treatment Plants to come to their community.

With your contribution, you change a community and save lives. Through your help, children and communities receive safe and clean drinking water.They are kept safe from numerous water-related illnesses, the illnesses so serious, that often refrain children from going to school and reaching their full potential.The families are also educated on how to improve hygiene. When you donate,you also help the community have the support they need for a lifetime.

SMVA Trust is committed to continuing this life-saving effort to bring clean water to villages in rural Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.The planning  and implementation of these clean water projects has been highly assessed by UNDP in India.


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