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Sustainable Housing Projects

Many rural areas in India lack proper shelter for people. In South India, of the 300 million households surveyed, an overwhelming majority (73%) live in remote regions of the state in villages. Of this rural population, less than 5% earn enough to pay taxes, only 2.5% own a 4-wheeler vehicle and less than 10% have salaried jobs and are deprived from modern living.

Countless families live in simple thatched huts or dilapidated constructions that are not capable of sheltering them from the area’s extreme weather conditions or indigenous wildlife. They typically take refuge in grass and stick huts, and sometimes even on borrowed land. With no door for privacy, roofs that leak during the monsoon rains, and with fragile structures that are commonly destroyed by cyclones, life’s challenges for these disadvantaged adults and children are multiplied manifold. Seeing the plight of the nearly-homeless people in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India, the SMVA Trust was impelled to help create Free Sustainable Housing.

Jubilee Free Housing

SMVA Trust has built  free houses for nearly 500 local families. The “Jubilee Housing Project” was initially launched in Valasa, Obulyapalli, Gonupalli and Penubarthy, local villages of the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. The Trust designed the “Karuna Gruham" or compassionate home given FREE to the villagers.  Each house commonly has two rooms, a veranda and a separate bathroom.The Jubilee Free Housing Project has brought the shelter, safety and comfort of a new home to thousands of people living below the poverty line.  Each new home is gifted to a family in dire need and significantly impacts every aspect of their life. With a free house, the residents now have more money to buy essentials they previously had to go without - importantly a Medical Health Insurance plan.

With the very recent cyclones and floods which impacted the entire nation in a major way, including the remote villages in and around South India, many had been living in a slum that had been seriously affected by the natural calamities and have been waiting while living in makeshift huts.


Help Build Homes & Rebuilding Lives

In 2004 SMVA Trust inaugurated the massive Karuna-Gruham – to build free houses and dreams  for the homeless. The Jubilee Housing Project has a goal of providing FREE housing to ALL the remote underprivileged villages of Andhra Pradesh. With a very open heart, mind and selfless service, the Trust  celebrates the Joy of Giving which benefits the less fortunate. Please help make a world of difference to these families living in abject poverty.

The Trust has taken the initiative and set a goal to start a phase 3 construction of free houses for over 750 families after having visited the affected areas, conducted surveys and planned to create a program that meets all their essential needs like building of roads, providing electricity, clean water, and a school.Their new homes will be complete by 2018 and help them rebuild their lives and dreams better than before.





Building homes, Rebuilding lives, families & communities.

100% of ALL donated funds to the Jubilee Free Housing Project will be used directly for the materials and labor involved in construction. 


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