Free Medical Care

~ Saving Lives & Preventing Serious Ailments ~

SMVA Trust opened the Karunamayi Charitable Hospital, in the year 2002, to provide quality medical care to a community desperately in need. Today,along with local and highly trained physicians and a mobile health clinic, the hospital has been providing selfless service to thousands at free of charge. The free hospital currently is available to all and serves the needs of around 500,000 people from the surrounding 250 villages of Rapur Mandal, Nellore District, AP India.

Latest News

Medical Camps ~ 2018

In an effort to improve and build upon its services, the Trust  periodically conducts medical camps where experts from around the world are invited to use their medical expertise to help the people of this remote rural region of Andhra Pradesh. An International Medical Camp was held at the Karunamayi Charitable Hospital during January 2018. A team of physicians from the U.S.A. and India collaborated with several local physicians and volunteers to administer care to 5,893 patients from over 20 villages. All patients were served free of charge.

A team of health professionals included family physicians, specialists in hypertension, allergy, asthma, oncology and hematology, a diabetes educator, psychiatrist,  and dentists. Free transportation was arranged for the local people so that they could visit the hospital and seek medical care.

Efforts are ongoing to empower the rural population with the knowledge and tools to manage their own health. It is evident that simple communication about health education, such as proper diet and cleanliness, can make a big difference in the lives of these people.The mobile unit allows opportunities to follow up on the well being of the patients.

Similar medical camps are planned for the future with the goal to bring in more physicians with their special expertise to provide these poor communities with optimal medical care.The work done through our free hospital has been highly assessed by UNDP in India.

Can you imagine living in a community with no medical facility whatsoever?

Imagine life without the simplest medical care. Imagine worrying that your child’s bout with strep throat may prove deadly or that a simple injury could cause the loss of an arm or leg.

Can you imagine where even a simple emergency medical treatment requires a difficult journey on foot, or on the back of a motorbike, for more than 30 miles (50km)?

In the deep rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, this situation is common. Easily preventable diseases such as malaria, dengue, and malnutrition, and easily treatable wounds caused by common accidents, can result in endless suffering, lifelong deformities, or even death.  In the recent past, mothers commonly died during child-birth, and up to 1 in 10 children died before their 5th birthday. Improper sanitary conditions and lack of emergency medical care created life-threatening conditions every day.  The villagers in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, suffered these problems for generations. With a view to alleviating this desperate situation, the SMVA Trust began holding free Mega Medical Camps in 2002.  These temporary encampment projects, staffed by volunteer doctors and supplied with modern medicines and medical equipment, finally began to reach the suffering population. But Medical camps were only a partial solution to the problem.  In order to provide a permanent healthcare presence, the SMVA Trust moved on to raise funds and build a local Free Hospital.  This 100-bed hospital, inaugurated in 2004, now provides a wide range of medical services including gynecology, cardiology, physiotherapy, X-ray, dentistry, optometry, and laboratory facilities.

SMVA Free Hospital, provides medicines, medical care and treatments to all patients completely free of charge

About 75% of health infrastructure, medical manpower and other health resources are concentrated in urban areas where 27% of the population live.The health status of Indians is still a cause for grave concern, especially that of the rural population. This is reflected in the life expectancy (63 years), infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, however, over a period of time some progress has been made.

India is the second most populous country of the world and has changing socio-political-demographic and morbidity patterns that have been drawing global attention in recent years. Despite several growth-orientated policies adopted by the government, the widening economic, regional and gender disparities are posing challenges for the health sector.

 In 2004, SMVA Trust inaugurated a Mobile Medical Van, based at the Free Hospital, that greatly extended the reach of this new standard of medical care. All medical care and medicines are provided free of cost to the patients. Villagers are severely hampered by lack of transportation, and often have to travel on foot.  The Mobile Medical Van began to alleviate this situation with regularly scheduled visits to surrounding villages.  The Free Hospital and Mobile Medical Van have now delivered more than 2,000,000 medical treatments across a wide area of rural Andhra Pradesh.

An enormous amount of suffering has been relieved, and the health related quality of life of the rural villagers has greatly improved.  Under the guidance of the SMVA Trust, committed doctors and supporting staff have selflessly volunteered their time and energy to serve those in need.


100% of your contributions go directly to the FREE Hospital & Medical Mobile Van which is  operated by a team of dedicated volunteers.With an open heart and spirit for selfless seva, the volunteers create a  joyful environment,donating their time, energy, and enthusiasm!

Eye Care

Over 1 million residents in Andhra Pradesh, India suffer from blindness and have not yet seen the colors of a rainbow. Most often it is due to the lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding eye care and the need for check ups at a young age, which result in the loss of vision.

SMVA Trust organized a free Eye-Care Medical Camp at Sri Karunamayi Vidyalayam (Schools) at Gonupalli and Rapur on  April 6 and 7, 2016, Nellore (DT),Andhra Pradesh,India.

The free eye medical camp which was conducted on April 6, 2016, we gathered around 400 beneficiaries from this camp. The total eye patients who are opted for eye surgeries are 67 and students who need eyeglasses are 72.Eye check ups were conducted and glasses were provided to prevent eye damage to also young children.

The free eye medical camp which was conducted on April 7, 2016 was attended by approximately 500 beneficiaries. The total eye patients who opted for eye surgeries were 78 and students who needed spectacles/glasses were 97. Many free surgeries were performed this year as well and have been successful.

This loss of vision can totally be prevented if eye problems are detected at an early stage. The SMVA Trust, since the year 1996, has been successfully conducting eye operations, offering cataract treatment and vision restoration treatments in the Nellore district.

Please give the GIFT OF SIGHT by supporting the volunteered run Eye Care Project:
Restoring Vision to ALL.


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Medical Camps

Upon the success of the Free Hospital, the SMVA Trust started a Mobile Medical Van, to reach out to the rural population who cannot travel to the hospital due to ill health or other reasons. SMVA’s Mobile Medical Unit today server around 500,000 villagers by holding free medical camps in different locations every Tuesday and Friday. This tremendous task has been made possible only due to the generosity of the donors and the volunteers. Its an unfortunate fact that despite the progress made so far, there are still so many villagers who are in need of our medical camps. 

Free  Medical Camp (December 2016)  and Free Eye Camp (April 2016) organized by SMVA Trust.

Medical Camp ~~ Dec 27-29, 2016 at the Karunamayi Free Hospital, Rapur, Rapur Mandal, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, South India and people served  were 5,893

Speciality Doctors


General medicine (Blood sugar, blood pressure and cardiovascular health)

Team of Doctors joining the SMVA Trust Doctors from:


AC Subbhareddy College,Narayana Medical College


Urology department





Patients were screened by the appropriate physician, pertinent tests ordered the same day, results reviewed, and a subsequent follow up plan made with local physicians. Patients needing advanced care were referred to a tertiary hospital in the nearby city of Nellore. Ancillary services provided included basic lab services and X rays. All patients were provided medications at no cost to treat their ailments.

During the camp patients visited from various villages

Rapur (5 km from the hospital) ~~ 2,585

Syadhapuram (15 km from hospital) ~~ 1,615

Dakkili (15 km from hospital) ~~ 1,455

Chitvel (65 km from hospital) ~~ 1,103

Venkatagiri (33 km from hospital) ~~ 678

Patients tested for various ailments

Tested for sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol ~~ 500

Adult tricycles and wheelchairs were distributed to the disabled ~~ 106

Eye and/or vision-related surgeries were performed ~~ 126

Surgeries of which 3 were plastic surgeries ~~ 26

Hearing aides were given to patients ~~ 33


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Cancer Treatment

Millions of people in India die every year because of cancer. Detecting cancer at an early stage not only increases the patient's chance of survival, but limits the severity to which cancer can detrimentally affect one's life: mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and how it impacts one's family and community.   As a result, the SMVA Trust has been conducting free cancer screening camps, offering appropriate treatment in specialized hospitals, and  subsidizing cancer treatment costs whenever possible as funds allow. Out of the 20 cases of cancer detected in the Nellore district, 19 patients have survived and are on their path to recovery.

The SMVA Trust has extended their work into New Jersey, USA, whereby we are collaborating with the State Department of Health (DoH) and leveraging a program called NJCEED (Cancer Education and Early Detection). Through this program, SMVA Trust offers comprehensive Breast, Cervical, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer education, outreach screening and case management services.  As well, at the federal level, the SMVA Trust is collaborating with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the key national public health institute of the US, with a view to bringing similar Free Cancer screening and case management services to other regions across the United States.

Your donation will allow us to provide complete treatment to these patients, help them increase their life span and ease their pain. 


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Heart Treatment

In 2010, the SMVA Trust began the Heart Foundation- with the focus of providing children suffering with life-threatening heart defects or heart disease, a chance at a normal life.  As well, due to increased stress levels and obesity, heart attacks are a disturbingly common phenomenon in India.  As a result, the SMVA Trust, in collaboration with Hrudaya Foundation (Hyderabad), is offering  subsidized heart operations, treatments, and providing free heart screening to those who are underprivileged, with the focus on children whose lives are at risk due to life-threatening heart conditions.  Patients are provided with free food and accommodation while undergoing heart surgery and throughout the duration of their full recovery.

Please help us GIVE FROM THE HEART to help save lives.


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Many villagers in India believe that once crippled, they are crippled forever. In the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, some elderly people were bed ridden for nearly 3 years with the belief that they may never move again. The SMVA Trust took up the challenging task of helping these villagers gain their mobility and conducted Physiotherapy Programs delivered to their doorstep. Nearly 30 cases of paralysis were treated with great success. For the disabled to see the outside world and help them walk again, your aid will be a beacon of hope and support. To increase the reach of our Physiotherapy Program and achieve complete recovery after initial treatment, your donation is indeed a true gift of love. 

Become a beacon of HOPE & SUPPORT-
help those physically disabled to WALK & WITNESS THE WORLD AROUND THEM


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One half of the world's newly reported leprosy cases occur in India. In the remote areas of Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, leprosy patients are devoid of access to basic health care facilities. Leprosy patients are secluded from the larger community and left to fend for themselves, homeless and alone.  The SMVA Trust is currently in collaboration with and supporting a Christian Charity which is taking care of the local  leprosy community of Andhra Pradesh, India. The community of nearly 50 members, receives a variety of services, material needs and compassionate love from the SMVA volunteers. The SMVA's Mobile Medical Unit also offers specialized service to this disadvantaged community in order to ease their pain. Water coolers were also set up by the SMVA Trust to provide this community with clean & safe drinking water to prevent further disease.

Please help provide humane conditions to this highly disadvantaged community.

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WHEELCHAIRAFor some villagers the ability to freely move from place to place is severely restricted by various health problems and others physical challenges. All too often crude walking sticks, makeshift supports or even simply crawling are the only way to achieve some form of mobility. Receiving a free wheelchair at one of SMVA`s charitable events is a life-altering gift that offers a world of change and brings new opportunities . Unfortunately, many people still require wheelchairs and your support in this project goes a long way in improving the life of someone in dire need.

Wheelchairs give the freedom to move with EASE.

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Health Insurance

To improve the prevailing situation, the problem of rural health is to be addressed both at macro (national and state) and micro (district and regional) levels. This is to be done in an holistic way, with a genuine effort to bring the poorest of the population to the centre of the fiscal policies. According to the 2016 health index census, only 0.5% people between the ages of 20-50 years have no or little knowledge of health insurance and its benefits in the most remote parts of rural South India. To improve the quality of life, SMVA Trust is working to bridge the gaps in healthcare and improve the quality of rural life. We are making the people aware of the existence of insurance as they will greatly benefit from enrolling in an insurance plan.

The focal point of the program was to promote medical awareness amongst the local community and enrol the patients in the Government’s health insurance plan in which they are not enrolled as they lack the tools.

The plan is to to enroll all parents of the two  schools with Adhar cards(issued to all by the Government) in a medical insurance plan by the end of January, 2017, and also educate them about the benefits of having a life insurance plan.  Eventually we will help all the villagers to acquire a medical insurance card while emphasizing its benefits. For a yearly premium of only INR 330.00/year all members of a family between ages 1-50 can sign up for the health insurance plan and they are approved and covered for up to INR 200,000, regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

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