Social Welfare & Sustainable Development

~ Joining Hands to Promote Global Unity ~

As the SMVA Trust's mission is to  promote social welfare & sustainable development projects, we work hard to provide relief & support in times of crisis while promoting sustainable practices to self-empower the lives of those in need.  In times of crisis, the SMVA Trust volunteers from around the world join hands to provide the basic necessities of life.  Whether it’s feeding the hungry, clothing the disadvantaged, distributing wheelchairs, organizing blood donation camps or mobilizing in times of natural disasters our volunteers are always ready to compassionately serve those in the most tragic circumstances.

The problem of poverty, hunger, lack of amenities, lack of safety, lack of housing, basic toilet amenities, education were glaring in the rural areas in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.  The housing project helped  forty villages with solid structures, protecting them from inclement weather and wild animals.  The building of bathrooms  saved women and girls from trekking to unsafe wooded areas.

Free medical care, medicines, free hospital, mobile medical vans and camps worked toward the goal of health and hygiene for all. The free school with active canvassing to bring in the girls , works towards the SDGs of education and awareness, including hygiene awareness through medical camps.

The free education and restrooms have  increased life expectancy and improved  quality of life. Our education, housing, medical and clean water projects work together to make inroads in poverty, hunger, while providing basic amenities: clean water, solid houses, free meals, free medication.  The first batch of students of our schools are now standing on their own feet and helping others in the community.Women are now able to draw water from a tap which gives clean water as against unsafe wells.

Free Geriatric Care Home

A Free Geriatric Care Home was built by the Trust in 2006, rescuing the lives of over a hundred abandoned and infirm elderly, who can now live with dignity in their senior years.

Rural Development Program

A Rural Development Program has also been established in the inaccessible and neglected regions of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, to reduce suicide rates among farmers, which in this state, ranks among the highest in India. The SMVA Trust is combating unethical practices of micro-financing institutions, unsustainable agricultural practices, and reduced credit for farm supplies. The Rural Development Program is providing outreach  through on-site vocational training, the employment of local women and those denied employment in the rural-agricultural business. With limited critical energy supplies, a focus on sustainable energy meets a critical need. The District of Nellore serves as the hub for surrounding villages, and will be subsequently expanded to approximately 75 villages, in this  5 year project 

Sustainable Organic Farming

As part of the SMVA Trust’s Awareness Program on Sustainable Organic Farming, free training programs have been held to date in 7 villages of the Nellore District, educating farmers in high-yield rice harvesting methods, tree planting, herbal medicinal crops, flowers, and aromatic herbs, rainwater harvesting, and the management of watersheds by local communities. Income-generating techniques are a priority to eradicate poverty from rural populations.

International Day of Happiness 

We were invited to the UN in NY to celebrate this occasion. We performed a dance advocating peace, and the path to wellbeing and happiness: inclusive action with equality and justice for all, knowing the interconnectedness of the all living beings.

International Day of Yoga 

We talked about empowerment of women through education and economic empowerment stemming from provision of basic amenities in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh in our projects. We joined hands with others who are working toward empowerment of the vulnerable.

USA Projects

SMVA Trust has also broadened its services to the USA, offering several soup kitchens held across 10 centers in the US, distributing free clothing to the and veterans, collaborating with the American Red Cross to organize blood donation drives, offering free psychiatric counseling and workshops on depression and stress management to help alleviate mental and psychological trauma and stress, and partnering with local hospitals and emergency medical technicians to offer free CPR training.  As well, the SMVA Trust has undertaken activities aimed at protecting nature and preserving forests, as well as animal welfare activities in upstate NY, USA.

Please consider helping fund SMVA Trust's noble causes  with a generous and much appreciated donation.
Your compassion enriches their lives in more ways than you’ll ever know. 

Blood Donation Camps

SMVA Trust US teams partner with the American Red Cross and conduct blood donation camps throughout the United States. This is an invaluable service for all those in need of blood transfusions in order to save lives. The success of these blood drives has encouraged more and more volunteers to get involved in the Blood Donation Camp initiative and spread the SMVA Trust's mission of providing services that save & improve the lives of all people around the globe, while fostering sustainable development and empowering all people to take control of their own lives.

BloodDonoThere is so much need in this world.  Always your hands must be a help to others and serve others. Be like a servant to everyone in the world.

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Feed The Hungry

The Food Drive Project provides free meals and food items to the most dis­advantaged populations in the remote villages of Penusila. A total of 18 villages have been served so far with over 28,000 people being helped. In 2009, disaster relief, food, water, and clothes were also provided to over 13,500 flood victims in 8 villages of the Nellore and Kurnool districts.

The Food Drive Project has inspired countless volunteers across the globe to take part in this project, delivering both food and kind words that nourish hungry bodies and souls. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. Every day more and more people are inspired to contribute to this ever-expanding program thereby establishing its presence in several cities across the world, from the streets of Bangalore, Surat, Hyderabad in India to the streets of New York, USA.

Several soup kitchens are held across the 10 centers in the US, collecting and delivering food supplies to food pantries and shelters for women, children and families. The SMVA Food Bank partners with churches and philanthropic organizations to serve meals to the hungry and homeless.

These committed volunteers are serving hot food and kind words that nourish both body and soul and are making a difference to their local communities, which is contributing greatly to the well being of those in need.

For those living with food insecurity and without regular access to affordable, nutritious fresh food, SMVA Trust through the Karuna Seva is not only a critical supply of food, but also fosters a stronger sense of community and social responsibility.

Every second Saturday and Sunday of the month, Seva activities are carried out with the help of 250 to 300 volunteers for distribution of food, water, fruits and clothes.1000 to 1500 homeless and underprivileged people have been served and well taken care of in Hyderabad. INDIA

In the month of December,  SMVA Trust came together globally to celebrate the joy of giving during the holiday season through Karuna Seva to provide food for the homeless and hungry.

Our contribution to this cause can go a long way in improving the lives of those around us. We invite you to join us in the Food Drive Project by contributing your time, service or food.


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

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Clothes Distribution

Imagine people bearing the scorching sun in summer and shivering due to the biting cold in winter without having a piece of clothing on their body!

The SMVA Trust provides free clothing to children, women, adults and the elderly with a human touch.  10000 clothes were distributed to the villagers free of cost and the joy they experienced was immense.  The Clothes Distribution Project enables the villagers to live their lives with dignity and meet the harsh demands of all weather conditions in order to sustain and improve their lives.   The SMVA Trust needs your support in helping to clothe and improve the lives of the disadvantaged, so that they can meet the basic needs to sustain their lives and support their own family and community.

Please help end the cycle of poverty by helping to supply the basic need of clothing to improve the lives all humankind.  

By providing the basic necessities of clothing & food, we begin to provide the foundation from which the most disadvantaged of populations are empowered to create & sustain a dignified life free from dependency on others.


Your contribution Makes a World of Difference- please join us in helping all humankind experience a dignified life where the basic needs of clothing, food & shelter are no longer a question. 

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Natural Disaster Relief

The indispensable value of SMVA’s Mobile medical unit is never made clearer than in times of crisis. When the unexpected occurs, the underprivileged are often the least prepared and most severely impacted. Such was the case when heavy floods struck the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh causing great damage, wrecking homes and destroying lives.

SMVA Trust volunteers instantaneously reached the flood affected area with food, medicines, clothing, and vessels for cooking, along with a warm smile and compassionate heart flowing towards those affected by the flood.

The SMVA’s Mobile Medical Unit provides free medicines and medical treatment in times of crisis, as well as offering continual Mobile Medical Outreach to those disadvantaged who are too sick or feeble to reach the hospital. Various services, such as orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, ENT, and OB/GYN, are offered in this Mobile Medical Unit that prevents any further injury or disease from spreading. Thus, this unit stops the cycle of debt & poverty by preventing further medical needs & costs and enabling the underprivileged to continue to work and support themselves.

Please help us save lives and stop the cycle of poverty & debt.  Please support our Mobile Medical Unit.


"Never look down on anybody, unless you can help him up."

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